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About Us

At True Blue Spit Roast, crafting unforgettable moments through exquisite catering since 1990. ‘You Host, We Roast’ — a promise of culinary excellence!
About Us

You Host, We Roast

True Blue Spit Roast is a mobile catering company. Our aim is to help your function run as smooth as possible. We cook meat on our custom designed spit which is completely mobile and smokeless so can go inside or out. We carve the meat directly into trays on the spit so meat is kept from drying out in bain- marie’s . Our specially designed spit does not need to rotate and allows the heat to move around the meat keeping the juices from the meat in whilst it is cooking.

We set spit up on site and them return later with salads/hot veggie’s, rolls, condiments and hot gravy. Then we carve and serve meat. Using a buffet style set up. Clean up and pack spit away. Like we were never there. But guests are left with full tummy’s. And talk about how awesome the spit roasted meat was at your function.

We have several packages to choose from to make your party a success. Contact us if you want us to work with a budget or special requirements.

Our father started a spit roast catering company in Canberra in 1990. The family spit roast business was at one stage servicing over 50% of functions in Canberra. Companies and government agencies would continuing hire us for their events yearly. We sponsored and fed Canberra Raiders players, staff, families and other corporate sponsors.

We have now relocated to WA to continue the legacy. There is nothing like the taste and smell of meat that has been cooking for 7 hours.

Anne Quarmby

Founder / Owner

Our Mission

At True Blue Spit Roast, our mission is to create unforgettable culinary experiences. We're committed to excellence, innovative menus, and customer satisfaction, aiming to be your top choice for remarkable catering services.

Our Vision

At True Blue Spit Roast, our vision is to redefine catering by delivering exceptional, memorable experiences. With a focus on quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, we aim to set new standards in the world of culinary delights.

Our Awards

At True Blue Spit Roast, our awards reflect our commitment to culinary excellence and exceptional service. These accolades inspire us to continually provide unparalleled catering experiences.